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Rome Extensive Tour

Our English guide will show you Rome in a way you never saw before. Biking on a 2300 year old cobblestone Roman road, while passing by a sepulcher, a Roman statue, the ruins of a circus and an imperial palace; leaving the "regina viarum" just to reach the ancient Roman aqueducts that rise over the fields into the horizon and following them on their way to Rome; crossing the Caffarella Park, a preserved strip of land of the Roman countryside that so well impressed the travelers of 19th century like Byron, Goethe and Stendhal. An extraordinary tour of absolute beauty. A journey into a unique environment, in which a miraculously intact nature, free from modernization, forms a backdrop to the continuous passage of historical, cultural and artistic events.
Price € 67.50 p.p.
5 Main stops
Imperial Palace,
Ancient Appian Road,
Aqueduct Parks,
much more
Monday 14:15
Tuesday 14:15
Wednesday 14:15
Thursday 14:15
Friday 14:15
Saturday 14:15
Sunday 14:15
Duration 6 hours
Language vlag nl vlag en vlag de
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

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